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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Character Work In Progress

I'm taking a crack at a medium-poly-character for my portfolio. I'm inspired by my Cousin Nathan who is a Soldier in the 75th Rangers. So here's a special forces guy, slightly stylized to make him more readable from far away, packing an experimental xm25 Punisher, 20mm Airburst weapon system. His ammo pouches are over-sized to accommodate the xm25's ammo. He also has a full sized sidearm, maybe a Beretta, glock or 1911 style.  I'm about 40 hours into working on him, but will continue when I have more time. This Character will also be an example for the Class I'll be teaching at AII this spring.  I also wanted to see how far I could push a character without high-poly projection or zbrushing. My next project will be something a long those lines.

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