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Friday, November 18, 2011

Ship of the Line

Here's one unit on Civ 5 I wasn't sure who was going to model. I drew the concept as if we were going to outsource it, but I ended up modelling it myself. I found having a detailed concept really sped up the modelling process.


Here's a brainstorming sketch of the Settlers from Civilization 5.


This is how I brainstormed the Paratrooper unit For Civ5. We chose the white/snow cammo pattern because if he was green he blended into the world too much. I had a fun time getting this guy into the game, I'm thrilled we even got the parajump animation to work. Thanks for Jon and Dorian for great feedback. Working for Jon Shafer was awesome, he had a very clear vision for the look of the game.

Civ5 Roman Legion

Concept art for the Roman Legion, Civilization 5. A Fun drawing to do.

Civ5 Caravel

This is one of my favorite drawings from my work on Civilization 5, the Caravel. Special thanks to Jack Snyder who made the model for the game.