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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cross country in a new Car

Civ5 is done, flew to San diego to visit family and go on a quest for the Best So-cal Cheeseburger. I tested many burgers, and have to say the in-and-out double double animal style is my fav. Even better than 5-guys. But I'm not a big fan of in-n-out's fries. Best fries might have to be in baltimore, those belong to the brewer's art Garlic Rosemary fries. Best burger in baltimore is The Hamilton tavern burger, artisan meat with bacon and a Fried egg. Though i had a really awesome burger in West-Chester, PA at Kidare's, the E.U. Burger, very tastey, has swiss and cheddar cheese and some fancy beef from England, looked like it had cubes of ham mixed in it.
Back to so cal, I bought a brand-spankin-new 2010 VW Jetta TDI Cup edition. Completely love this car, its fast when I want it and efficient when I want it. great suspension and handling. 47 mpg's highway doing 75 mpg in 6th gear. Overall average is 40mpgs, i'm thrilled with it. The Sat-radio is cool, but i really love the SD card reader, I can stick my favorite tunes on a tiny disk and plug it into the dash. This car took the 5 day trip across the country like a champ, and did it sipping only 6 tanks of gas for the 3000 mile ride! I have to thank Mary for this sweet pic of me and my ride at Red Rock! Also thanks to Maren, Art, Carrie and Matt for letting me crash on their couches!