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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Civilization: Revolution SpaceShip

Designing the Spaceship for Sid Meier for Civilization Revolution was a ton of fun. I was supposed to be working on Civ5 at the time, but Sid needed a cool spaceship and the Cinematics house needed a model in 4 weeks. Somehow I was tapped to design and model the ship. The challenge was to make it modular so that the player could build a variety of configurations, and it had to look believable in each one. Here's my Concept art, High Poly Model, and screenshots of the In-game Model. The High Poly version is about 200,000 polys and only uses only 3ds max materials. The In-game model was started by another artist out-of-house, so I had to do a lot of rework and adjustments to make it work right in-game. Getting the transparencies and object-draw-order to work in Civ-Rev's engine was especially difficult. I also helped on the Environment, effects, and camera animation. Thanks to everybody who helped with this asset.